Thursday, February 20, 2014

e mail copy of Tamilnadu circle stamp nil stock issue

Tamilnadu circle stamp nil stock issue
thambiraj B       
Feb 5
to P,  aipeup3tn,   bcc: krishnan,  bcc: Dhanraj,  bcc: K.V.S

      In our tamilnadu circle, Postage stamps from Demonination 0.25 to Rs 5/- is under out of stock. who is responsible  sir ? till now,  more than 2 months above stamps are nil stocks sir.  All the medias are highlighted this issue, still now no one arrangement make from department.
              Registered letter(Rs 22.50,Rs25,) ordinary ILC booking Rs2.50, wedding cards booking Rs4,Rs 5 heavily  affected. it is also affect every B.O' s work load. This month transaction calculated our statistics(FEB,MAY,AUG,NOV) report. we will lost our genuine bank customer, they goes to h.p.o's,  utilised franking machines facilities to booking letters, once they use franking machine services, in future never come back  our B.o's. it is affect every B.O' s work load.
                (for example  in my B.O ( no delivery B.O ) NOV-13 Transaction,
  650 RL booking, 15,240 Rs stamp sales..etc ,more than 45 points , my B.o getting from this type of transaction)

please  intervenue this issue sir &  early as remedy this issue sir.

Feb 14 (6 days ago)
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3:46 PM (2 hours ago)
to me
Dear Comrade,

This has been taken up.
with greetings,

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