Sunday, September 28, 2014

SP postings / transfers in WR

Flash : SP postings / transfers in WR

Just now the following SP postings / transfers issued in Coimbatore Region.

1. Shri.K.Ezhil posted as SP, Tirupur Dn.
2. Shri. K.Ajathasathru posted as Sr PM, Salem HO.
3. Shri. A.Marimuthu posted AD Staff, RO.
4. Shri.N.V.Murali posted as SRM "CB" Dn.

5. Shri.M.Dharmaraj, AD Staff RO transferred as AD BD, RO.
6. Shri.K.Balasubramanian, SP Tirupur Dn transferred as SP, Dharmapuri Dn.

Congrats to all the Officers.

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