Sunday, May 4, 2014

karnataka cicle


1) Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused due to deficiency of:

Ans.: C : Vitamin C

2) Which of the following is not present in blood?

Ans:  D : Placenta

3) A stick immersed in water appears bent due to the phenomenon of:

Ans: C :  Refraction of light

4) This area is termed as territorial water and resources therein belonging to the nation:

Ans: B:  Oceanic area upto 19.2 nautical miles from the coast

5)  Which state of India is the largest producer Bajra?

Ans: A:  Rajasthan

6)  Kudremukh mine deposits known to be one of the largest in the world is located in the states of:

Ans: B : Karnataka

7) Who recently won ICC under 19 world cup cricket tittle?

Ans: C :  South Africa

8) The term of the current lok sabha will expire on:
Ans:  A :  1st June, 2014

9) BIMSTEC summit 2014 recently concluded in:

Ans. D: Myanmar

10) The Prime Minster of which country is recently facing charges of negligence over a govt rice subsidy scheme?

Ans. (B) Thailand

11) Which of the following three countries elected/appointed their Prime Ministers as recently as in Feb, 2014:

Ans. (B) Thailand, Italy, Nepal

12) Who is the present governor of the state of Karnataka?
Ans. (A) Hans Raj Bhardwaj
13)  Identify the state with bicameral legislature:
Ans. (B) Maharashtra

14) The world Environment day is celebrated on:
Ans. (B) June 5

15) Clean water would have BOD value of less than:
Ans. (A) 5 ppm

16)  Rovers cup is associated with
Ans. (D) Football

17)  With which game is the term 'Double fault' associated?
Ans. (A) Lawn Tennis

18) The Asian games are organised after every:
Ans. (B) 4 years

19) Which article of the constitution of India deals with the formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing states:
Ans. (B) Article 3

20) Who has been vested with power by the constitution to permit any member of parliament who can not adequately express himself/herself in Hindi or in English to address the house in his/her mother tongue:

Ans. (D) Both A and B

21) What eligibility criteria for age for election as Vice president of India?

Ans. (A) Should have completed the age of 35 years

22) The Great emperor Kanishka belonged to which dynasty:

Ans. (A) Kushana

23) Which of the following was not written by Kalidas?

Ans. (B) Laghujatakam

24) Which of the following is credit rating agency?

Ans. (B) ICRA

25) The term "Bull" and "Bear" is realated to?

Ans. (A) Share Market

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