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48.  Central Food Technological Research Institute is situated in:          Ans. Mysore

49.   Panini  is associated with:
(a)Music   (b)Grammer   (c)Literature    (d)Dancing   Ans. Grammer

51. Country known as Emerald Island:  Ans. Ireland

52.  Shora is the parliament of:    Ans. Afganistan

53. The actress who won Urvashi Award 4 times?
   Ans. Shabana Azmi

54. Rhodesia is the name of:     Ans. Zimbabwe

55.  India’s longest coastline  state--  Ans. Gujarat

56. The festival Kumbhamela is celebrated in:    
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

57. Bread basket of the world is:     Ans. Prairies

58. The sun is composed mainly of:    Ans. Hydrogen

59. Ferdinand de lesseps is associated with
  Ans. Suez Canal

60. The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light:
 Ans. Tachyon

61. Zulus are the tribal people of:      Ans. South Africa

62. Old name of St. Petersburg?   Ans. Leningrad

63. Mercury is a:  Ans. Metal

64. A lantern for projecting images of object is:
   Ans. Epidiascope

65. Which of the following metals is not an element?  
(a)Iron   (b)Silver    (c)Gold    (d)Bronze    Ans. Bronze 

66. The french revolution took place in the .......... th century:               Ans. 18th century

67. In which year Azad Hind Fouj formed?  
  Ans. 1943

68. Silicon  valley of india?  
Ans. Banglore

69. The first space craft that landed on Moon:
   Ans. Loona-9

70. The minister who resigned from Central Cabinet during the wake of Chinese aggression?

(a)V.C Shukla        (b)V.K Krishna Menon
 (c)Jaffer sheriff        (d)H.K.L Bhagat        Ans.  B 

                              GENERAL   KNOWLEDGE

1. The author of the book   "What  Went  Wrong" was ____________

A. Nelson Mandela   B. V.S. Naipal 
 C. Kapil Dev   D. Kiran Bedi           Ans: D

2. NMD-stands for _____________

A. National Missile Development      B. National Mineral Development               C. National Missile Defence     
    D. None of these.    Ans: C

3. The first Sikh war was brought to an end by the treaty of _________

A. Lahore      B. Kandahar      C. Amritsar    D. Kabul      Ans: C

4. SMS, which is very popular these days, stands for ______________

A. Short Memory Service      B. Short Mobile Service

C. Short Mail Service           D. Short Message Service     Ans: D

5. Hormone involved in phototropism is ___

A. Vitamin  B. Kinetin   C. Auxin   D. Gibberellin     Ans: C

6. The Port that is located at Dolphin's Nose is __

A. Kandla   B. Tuticorin    C. Visakhapatnam   D. Paradip                Ans: C

7. Identify the manmade element

A. Calcium    B. Gold    C. Californium    D. Carbon     Ans: C

8. Indian National Congress was founded by __ Ans: C

A. Mahatma Gandhi            B.    W.C. Banorjee  
  C. Allan Octavian Hume     D.    Bal Gangadhar Tilak     

9. Who among the following has won the Wisden Indian Cricketer of the Century Award?

  A. G.R. Vishwanath      B. Sunil Gavaskar  
   C. Kapil Dev               D. B.S. Chandrasekhar     Ans: C

10. In India, proclamation of emergency is done by ----

A. Prime Minister     B. President 
  C. Cabinet     D. Parliament     Ans: B

11. According to "India Vision 2020", India is trying to give full employment till 2020. Then how many employments should be created every year?

A. Ten Million    B. One Million  
  C. Two Million     D. Five Million      Ans: D

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