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13. A profit of Rs 30000 is to be distributed among A,B & C in the proportion of 3:5:7. What will be the difference in B & C share? 
 (A) 2000    (B) 4000    (C) 10000   (D) 14000

14. Ajay bought 15 Kg rice  at Rs 14.50 per Kg and 10 Kg at rate of Rs 13 per Kg. he mixed the two & sold the mixture at rate of Rs 15 per Kg. What is total gain in Rs?

(A) 1.10     (B) 16.50     (C) 11    (D) 27.50

15. A producer of tea blends two varieties of two tea gardens one costing Rs18 per Kg and other Rs20 per Kg in ratio of 5:3. If he sell the blended at Rs21 per Kg,   The gain % is?

(A) 10     (B) 12      (C) 19    (D) 22

16.  Gopal purchased 35 Kg wheat  at Rs 9.5o per Kg & 30 Kg at rate of Rs 10.50. He mixed the two. Approximately at what price per Kg should he sell the mixture to make 35% profit?

(A) 12    (B) 12.50     (C) 13     (D) 13.50

17  .A certain amount was devided between salim & Rahimin ratio of 4:3. If Rahim share was Rs 2400, The total amount was

(A) 5600     (B) 3200     (C) 9600    (D) 16800

18.   A box contain Rs56 in form of coins of one rupee, 50 paisa, 25 paisa. The 50 paisa coins are double of 25 paisa coins and 4 times the number of one rupee coins. How many 50 paisa coins are there in the box ?
(A) 64    (B) 32    (C) 16    (D) NONE

19. In a school 105 of the boys are same in number as ¼th of the girls and 10% of the girls are same in number as 1/25th of boys. What is the ratio of boys & girls in the school ?
(A) 3:2    (B) 5:2    (C) 2:1    (D) 4:3

20. The marks obtain by Praveen & Vijay are in 4:5& obtain by Vijay & Suresh are in ratio of 3:2. The marks obtain by Praveen & Suresh are in ratio of ?

(A) 2:1    (B) 5:3     (C) 6:5    (D) 5:6
Answers :  1. (C) 2. (C) 3. (C) 4. (D) 5. (D) 6. (B) 7. (D)
  8. (A) 9. (B) 10. (D) 11. (B) 12. (V) 13. (D) 14. (B) 15. (D)    16. (B) 17. (A) 18. (A) 19. (B) 20. (C)


1. Which state Police in India utilised the ‘Pigeon Post Service’?             Ans. Orissa State Police

2. When was the first  stamp issued in India ?    
  Ans. In 1931 (to mark the inauguration of New Delhi)

3. The Cricketer from Australian Test Cricket team  belongs to  Australian Postal Service ?
  Ans. Brad Hogg

4. The first Non Royal to appear on U.K. postage stamp?      Ans. William Shakespeare (1964)

5. In which language the first Megdoot Post card issued?       Ans. Tamil

6. First Postal stamp in the World?  Ans. Penny Black

7. When, the Indian Postal Stamp was cancelled at Mount Everest?
Ans. 1996 May 10 (by ITBP. Indo-Tibet Border Police)

8. Which is India’s first General Post Office?
Ans. Calcutta GPO (in 1774)

9. Which country issued the first self adhesive Postage stamp?    Ans. Sierra Leone (1964)

The first country issued new year greeting cards through Postal service?      Ans. China

11. When was the first Postal Stamp issued ?
            Ans. 1840 May 6th

12. The first Indian Personality who was depicted in foreign stamps?    Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

13. Which picture was depicted in First world stamp?
Ans. Queen Victoria’s Head

14. The busiest Post office in India? Ans. Mumbai GPO 

15. First Indian Postage stamp?  Ans. Scinde Dawk

16. No. of post offices having ‘Pictorial Cancellation facility’ in Kerala?    Ans. 23

17. India’s third scented postal stamp?
 Ans. Jasmine Rs. 15)

18. What is water mark ?
Ans. A design / mark on paper given at the time of production.
19. The first post card issued in Cochin state?
Ans. 1898 at the time of Raja Rama Varma I

20. Which country issued the first commemorative stamp in the world?    Ans. Romania

21. Date of formation of Kerala Postal Circle?
Ans. 1961July1

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