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9) To which one of the following process is the term CMYK related?
(A) Railway Signaling         (B) Navigation
(C) Offset Printing              (D) Electronic Voting
Ans. (C) Offset Printing

10) Which of the following awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi?
(A) Saraswati         (B) Golden Globe
(C) Magsaysay      (D) Rani Lakshmi  Ans. (C) Magsaysay

11) The United Nations declared 2006 as the International Year of
(A)Rice                      (B)World Population
(C)Communication    (D)Elderly Persons     Ans. (A) Rice

12) Who has written the book "War and Peace"?
(A)Khushwant Singh b      (B)Mikhail Solokhov
(C)Count Leo Tolstoy        (D)Saul Bellow
Ans. (C)Count Leo Tolstoy

13) What is the function of the I/O units of a computer system?
(A)To initialize the process of recovery of data of the crashed computer
(B)To exchange the information of windows with CPU
(C)To reset or restart the computer when it is booted
(D)To exchange the information of computer with the outside world
Ans. (D)

14)  India won its first Olympic hockey gold in ..... ?
(A)1928    (B)1932     (C)1936    (D)1948  Ans. (A)1928

15) Who among the following was the author of Tarikh-i-Alai, which contains Sultan Alauddin Khiliji ?
(A)Ziauddin Barani    (B) Shams Siraj Afif
(C)Amir Khusrau       (D)Yahiya-bin-Ahmed
Ans. (C)Amir Khusrau

16) Which of the following states has the maximum total forest cover in India?
(A)Arunachal Pradesh     (B)Assam
(C)Madhya Pradesh        (D)Karnataka
Ans. (C)Madhya Pradesh

17) The normal temperature of human body?
(A)37 degree Celsius            (B)37 degree Ferenhite
(C)104 degree Ferhenhite    (D)36.4 degree Celsius
Ans. (A)37 degree Celsius

18) The Lakshadweep   Islands   ar  e situated  in which ocean
(A)Indian Ocean          (B)Arbian Sea
(C)Bay of Bangle        (C)None of these
Ans. (B)Arbian Sea
19) Which day is International Human Right Day?
(A)10th December         (B)24th October
(C)25th November        (D)None of these
Ans. (A)10th December

20) Output devices make it possible to
(A)view and print a data     (B)Scan a data
(C)Input a data                   (D)Sending a data
Ans. (A)view and print a data

21) Who is th author of the book "New Deminsions of India's Foreign Policy" ?
(A)AB Vajpayee       (B)Jaswant Singh
(C)PC Alexander      (D)Yashwant Sinha  Ans. (A Vajpayee

22) The Olympic Games in 2016 will be held in
(A)London            (B)America
(C)Holland           (D)Brazil      Ans.(D)Brazil

23) Who amongst the following Englishmen, first translated "Bhagvad-Gita" into English
(A)William jones                     (B)Charles Wilkins
(C)Alexander Cunningham    (D)John Marshall
Ans. (B)Charles Wilkins

24) Effect of pollution is most marked on
(A)natural balance of nature     (B)natural flora of place
(C)natural geochemical cycles   (D)All of these
Ans. (B)natural flora of place

25) The first satellite launched by India was called
(A)Aryabhatta         (B)Bhaskara I
(C)Bhaskara II        (D)Rohini     Ans. (A)Aryabhatta
1) The Goveror of a state is appointed by?
(A) Chief Minister of the State
(B) Chief Justice of Supreme Court
(C) President of India    (D) Speaker of Lok Sabha
Ans. (C) President of India

2) When cripps mission came to India, who among the following was viceroy of India:
(A) Lord Irwin       (B) Lord Linlithgo
(C) Lord Wavell    (D) Lord Willingdon
Ans. (B) Lord Linlithgo

3) Which Sikh Guru was executed by Aurangzeb?
(A) Guru Arjun Dev         (B) Guru Ram Das
(C) Guru Teg Bahadur    (D) Guru Gobind Singh
Ans. (C) Guru Teg Bahadur

4) The most Common measure of estimating Inflation in India is-
(A) Price Index     (B) Whole Sale Price Index
(C) Consumer Price Index
(D) Price Index of Industrial Goods
Ans. (C) Consumer Price Index

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