Thursday, April 18, 2019

Need help for a 10 months old baby CHD / Pneumonia on ventilator 
Friends this link was saving our Tambaram PA (SBCO) Jayapriya 10 months baby.. She is admitted in prashanth hospital Chennai, Tamilnadu

10 months old baby on ventilator ( 5 days ) .... A case of viral pneumonia / Atrial Septal defect / PAPVC / ARDS on Ventilator for the past 5 days. Not able to wean from ventilator at present. Baby needs prolonged ventilator support. One week back baby presented with high grade fever with severe respiratory distress. Not improved with oxygen, nebulisation and HFNC. So the baby intubated and ventilated . On mechanical ventilation now. Blood investigations, X ray, USG Chest and Abdomen done. ECHO also done which showed ASD / PAPVC / Enlarged right atrium. X ray showing diffuse bilateral haziness ( Pneumonia ). Because of the congenital heart disease , Pneumonia , ARDS we are not able to wean the baby from ventilator. Further baby needs surgery for cardiac problem ( ASD / PAPVC ). Baby needs prolonged ventilator support followed by investigations for cardiac problem followed by cardiac surgery . Since the parents are not affordable for further treatment we request help from helping hands . Thank you

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