Monday, September 16, 2019

கமலேஷ்சந்திரா கமிட்டியின் புதிய சம்பள விகிதமான  ரூ.10,000/-, ரூ.12,000/-, சம்பளம் உள்ள post-களில் பணிபுரியும் outsider/ substitute ஊழியர்களுக்கு வழங்கப்பட வேண்டிய அரியர்ஸ் தொகை விரைந்து கிடைத்திட தொழிற்சங்க தலைவர்கள் மீண்டும் வலியறுத்த வேண்டுகிறோம். ஏற்கனவே நடராஜ மூர்த்தி கமிட்டியில் அரியர்ஸ் தொகை வழங்கிய standing order விபரம் கீழே உள்ளது.

Ref :No.6-1/2009-PE.I, Dated : 30-05-2012
Dak Bhawan, 
Parliament Street 

No.6-1/2009-PE.I Dated : 30-05-2012

All Chief Postmasters General 
All Postmasters General

Sub:- Payment of arrears to the substitutes of Gramin Dak Sevaks who worked in leave vacancies from 01-01-2006 to 09-10-2009.

Consequent upon the implementation of One Man Committee recommendations, the matter regarding payment of arrears to the substitutes of Gramin Dak Sevaks who worked in leave vacancies from 01-01-2006 
has been reviewed.

2. It has now been decided that the arrears of allowances of the substitutes of Gamin Dak Sevaks who worked in leave vacancies from 01-01-2006 to 09-10-2009 may be paid on the basis of minimum of TRCA.

3. The amount of arrears admissible as per extent rules may be paid to the genuine substitute. There should not be any double payment. Before making payment, the DDo or paying authority should take very precaution in this regard.

4. Necessary provision in budget should be made at appropriate stage and availability of funds will have to be ensured before incurring the proposed expenditure.

. The actual expenditure incurred may be informed to this office immediately after payment of arrears.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Internal Finance Advice (Postal) vide their Dy. No.150/FA/12/CS dated 30-05-2012.

Asst. Director General (Establishment)

Copy to :-
(1)   Director, RAK NPA, Ghaziabad.
(2)   All Postal Accounts Office
(3)   All Directors, Postal Training Centres
(4)   All Recognized Unions/Associations/Federations
(5)   Guard File.



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