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01.What is the maximum weight limit of a letter?
                a)            500 Gms
                b)            One Kg
                c)            Two Kg                 d)            Five Kg
02.Postal Articles exchanged in the foreign post are broadly divided into:
                a)            Letter Post
                b)            Parcel Post
                c)            Logistics Post
                d)            Both (a) and (b) only 
                                (Post Office Guide – II  clause 2)
03 For insurance following articles can be accepted:
                a)            Unpaid
                b)            Underpaid
                c)            Fully pre-paid                d)            All of these
                (Post Office Guide – II  clause 79-c)
04. . How many members are there in postal services Board?
                a)            Three
                b)            Five
                c)            Six (                d)            Eight
05. The working of all mail offices under RMSl Divisions is directly controlled by:
                a)            The HRO
                b)            The Inspector of Posts
                c)            The Postmaster General
                d)            The SSRM/SRM
06. what is the fee for recall of an inland article?
                a)            Rs.2/-
                b)            Rs.5/-
                c)            Rs.6/-                 d)            Rs.10/-
07. A customer posted four articles at the same time, at the same office, to the same addressee for delivery in India. What fee will be paid by the customer for recall of these four articles?
                a)            Rs. 6/-                 b)            Rs.12/-
                c)            Rs.24/-
                d)            Rs.25/-
(Post Office Guide – I  clause 34 - 4)

08.Letters, letter cards and post cards are treated as articles of:
                a)            ordinary mails
                b)            First class mails
                c)            second class mails
                d)            none of these
09. How many classes of Inland Postal articles are there?
                a)            12
                b)            10 
                c)            8
                d)            7
10. Out of ten postal articles, how man postal articles come under First class mails?
                a)            Two
                b)            Three                c)            Five
                d)            Seven
11. What is the maximum weight limit of a letter?
                a)            500 Gms
                b)            One Kg
                c)            Two Kg 
                d)            Five Kg
12.  What is IPS
                a.       International Postal System

                b.        Indian postal system
                c.        Inland post service
                d.        none of the above.
13.           Expand COD
                 a.       Cash on Delivery
                 b.       Customs Office Document
                 c         Cash on Demand
                d.        none of the above.
14.     D bag means
                a.       Bag containing mails and registered bag
                .b       Due bag
                c  .     Direct bag
                d.       None
15.   Empty bags after the use of a set in a  mail offices are returned to
               a.        Circle Bag Office
               b         District Bag Office
               c.        Divisional office
               d.        Next set.
16    Mail Abstract is broadly divided into two parts-viz:
              a.        Mails and Bags
              b.        Due and usual
             c.         Receipt and Despatch
17.    All India Mail Survey is conducted during the month of

a.        JANUARY
b.      JULY
c.       DECEMBER
d.      SEPTEMBER.
18.   Which of the following may not be destroyed without special permission of Head of the circle?
         a.  Work paper of sections
         b.  Order book of a mail office
         c.  Order book of a Record |Office.
         d.  Arrangement register
19.   An Order Book has----- serially numbered pages.
         a.  100
         b. 200
         c.  500
        d.  None of the above.
20.  AMPC  stands for
       a.  Automatic |Mail Processing Centre
       b.  Air Mail Processing Centre
       c.  Auto Multi Puppose Counter
       d.  None of the above.
21.Check List is maintained in PARCEL BRANCH             for
       a.  registered parcels
       b.  parcel bags closed.
      c.  insured parcels
      d.  unregistered parcels
 22.  Report against a section should contain ,
      a.  No and date of the set concerned.
      B  Name and date of the set concerned
      c.  Both a and b
     d.   none of these.
23. Which of the following is not a part of  a port folio
      a. Stamps and seals.
      b.  Order book
      c.  first aid box
     d   postage stamps
24.  Parcel bags received by Mail Agent is transferred to PSA under receipt taken on
     a. Mail list
     b. mail abstract
     c. parcel abstract
     d. parcel list
25.  Rate of handling within one office as per accepted practice should not exceed
     a. 2
     b. 1.5
     c. 1.6
     d None of the above.
26.  A transit bag contains 

     a.  closed bags
     b.  forward bags
     c.  letters and packets
     d. registered bags.

27. A barcode  affixed on an article will have  ----characters’
    a. 10
    b  11
    c.  13
   d.  None of the above.

28.The Head Sorting Assistant has to submit a daily report in form no.
   a.  MS 83
   B.  MO 75
   C.  M 83
   D.  RP34

29. Supply of work papers to the set is made by
   a. S R M
   B. ASRM
   C record officer
   D  PMG

30.  What do you mean  by ACS?
   a.  Advanced Compact Suit
   b.  American Compact Suit
   c.  Advanced Computer Suit
   d. Accounting Computer Software.

31.  In charge of the CRC is
   a.  System Administrator
  b.  Registration Sorting Assistant
   c.  H.S.A
  d.  None of the above.

32.  Weight of INSURED PARCEL BAG should be written on
  a. In the parcel list
  b.  In the mail abstract
  c.  In the parcel abstract
  d.  none of the above.

33.  The H.S.A prepares his Daily Report
   a.  From his memory
   b. From, the rough note books of the set.
  c.  From the statements of officials in the set
  d.  none of the above.

34.  Which of the following are not included in the bag despatched under W/S?
  a.  Registered Articles
  b.  Speed post articles
  c.  Insured articles.
 d.  None of the above

35.  The following bags are received without mail list
a.   Parcel bags
b.  Mail bags
c    Account Bags from SPO to HO
d    None of the above.

36.In which column the   Transit Bags are entered in the  Mail List?
   a.  Mail |Bag column
   b.  unsual bag column
   c.  ML column
   d.  None of the above.

37.Automatic Mail Processing Centre is headed by
   a. Manager
   b. H.S.A
   c  Director
  d. Administrator

38. Which of the following should  be included in Port Folio of a section?
  a. Sweeping brush
  b. Twine Ball
  c.  Labels
  d. Order Book

39.  In which of the following bundles , the no of articles included is noted on the check slip?
  a.  Letter Bundle
  b.  Money Order Bundle
  c.  Territorial bundle
  d.  Station Bundle

40.  MAIL  portion of Mail Abstract is considered as tallied, when
 a.  If the total of Mails column tallies with that of Bags column
 b.  Actually received tallies with actually despatched
c.   The totals of forward bags on both sides agree
d    None of the above.

41.   Acquittance for registered bags  is obtained by MSA from RSA on
a.  Mail list
b   Mail Abstract
c   Regd. List
d. Regd. abstract   

42 Which of the following should be reported in the DR of H.S.A ?
a.       Receipt  and despatch of special bags
b.      Misuse of bags
c.       Receipt of a Regd. Article in torn condition
d.      All of the above 

43.  A orders are issued by
     a. Superintendent
     b. PMG
     c. DPS
     d. CPMG

44.  The work papers of Mail Office should be put up in
    a.  Weekly bundles
    b.  daily bundles
    c.  yearly bundles
   d.  none of the above

45.  How many kinds of First Class mails are there?
   a. 10
  b. 5
  c. 3
  d. none of the above.

46. Bag marked as A stands for
  a. A/C bag
  b. Transit bag
 c.   Special bag
 d. None of the above.

47.  PARCEL BAG is entered in the mail list as
  a. Due mail
  b. Packet bag
  c. Unsual Mail
 d.  None of the above.

48.  Protecting bags containing articles marked as  By Parcel Post
  a.  Should be entered in the Due mails column
  b.  Unusual mail column
  c.  Only included in the total number of unsual mails at top of the list
 d.  None of the above.

49. The insurance  seals  must always remain in the possession of
  a. H.S.A
  b. S.R.O
 c. M.S.A
 d. P.S.A

50.  Match the columns
Column 1                                column2
A .Mail department                 1.Registration Sorting Assistant 
B .Parcel department              2. Head sorting assistant
C. Sorting department                        3.parcel sorting assistant
D Registration department     4. Sorting assistant
   a.        A4, B3, C2 ,D1         
   b.      A3, B2 ,C1, D4
   c.       A2, B3, C4, D1
   d.      A1, B3, C2 ,D4


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