Thursday, July 26, 2018

No.AIPEU-GDS/Exam/TN/2018 Dt.25-07-2018


Department of Posts,
New Delhi- 110 001.


Sub: Filling up of residual vacancies among the GDS based on the regional/circle basis instead of divisional basis in the exam held on 31.07.2016 from GDS to PA post for the year 2013/14  for which  result were announced on 22-02-2017- in case of Tamilnadu circle regarding.

It is brought to our notice through Circle Secretary, AIPEU-GDS  that in Tamilnadu circle, the unfilled  vacancies under the residual vacancies were made thrown open to the GDS as per the rules and the examination was conducted on 31.7.2016 for filling up of 241 vacancies in Postal Assistant cadre. The results of the examination were declared on 22.2.2017. Out of which only 24 GDS officials have been declared selected in the examination based on the divisional cadre. 

If the selection is notified as per the circle as if the present recruitment rules for the Postal Assistant which made the selection on circle basis and allotted to the divisions, many GDS would have been declared successful in the examination.

It is learnt that in other circles, the results have been declared based on the circle as per the revised recruitment procedure adopted by the Staff Selection Commission. But in Tamilnadu it was made as per the old recruitment procedure restricting the declared candidates as per the divisions in which the GDS is working. This is incorrect. On account of non  adopting correct procedures, nearly 38 GDS officials have lost their opportunity to become Postal Assistant.

It is most pertinent that in the question paper for the said examination, there was an error in question No-67, part-C in Paper-1, by asking equal meaning for the word “BIZARRE” , but there is no such word in English. As per rules for such incorrect question 1 mark has to be added in the valuation done. But that was done even after pointing out this lacuna by the candidates through their representations. If one mark is added for wrong question there is a possibility of 10 candidates getting PA Post by that Exam.
It is also noteworthy to mention that all passed candidates in paper-1, have not been admitted for appearing in paper-2. But only 55 candidates of Tamilnadu circle have been admitted by following incorrect procedure by limiting the passed candidates for appearing in paper-2. This incorrect procedure has forfeited the fair chances of 28 GDS officials who could not appear for computer test (paper - 2) and thus their opportunity become PAs has been barred. Therefore remedy is to permit them to write paper-2, at least now to get chance for becoming as PAs.

It is most appropriate to mention that for the exam 2010-2011 the selection was made on circle level basis. If the same procedure would have been adopted for the vacancies of the 2013-2014 totally 38 GDS could get PA post certainly as per the declaration of results made for Tamilnadu circle. By instructing CPMG-TN Circle to reconsider the result announced already on 22-02-17 by adopting correct procedures as briefed above.

If all the above irregularities and shortcomings are set aside there is more chance of filling up the posts of Postal Assistants. It is apt to note that the vacancies are still remaining unfilled and if the irregularities are corrected there will not be any hurdle to fill up all the vacancies with the GDS who in fact qualified in the examination based on the circle level. The aggrieved GDS in Tamilnadu circle are agitating and their fair chances have been freezed due to the wrong application of the rules by the Circle Administration.

It is therefore requested to kindly intervene and do appropriate action to review the result declared on 22.2.2017 and set aside the irregularities and find a solution to the representations made by the affected and aggrieved GDS officials since then and render justice.

Soliciting immediate response,
      Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

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