Monday, June 16, 2014

Quiz : FIFA World Cup 2014

Quiz : FIFA World Cup 2014

1. Simple one to start with. Name the mascot for the 2014 FIFA World Cupand what type of an animal is it.

2. Apart from Brazil, which has done it five times, which two European sides have taken the champion’s trophy at least thrice?

3. India made it to the 1950 Finals but could not participate because of an ‘official’ reason. What was the reason?

4. How is the name of Italy’s Silvio Gazzaniga indelibly linked to the competition, even though he did not compete as a player?

5. Whose goal has been dubbed the ‘Hand of God’ goal?

6. What is the slogan for this year’s fiesta in Brazil?

7. Apart from the right to be called World Champion and the trophy, how much prize money will the triumphant team get this year?

8. To prevent any controversy about a goal, what innovation is being introduced in Brazil?

9. If it was Telstar in 1970 and Jabulani four years ago, what is it for 2014?

10. Netting one goal in a Finals match is an achievement. Name the legend, and two-time winner, who has done it a record 15 times.

11. How is the iconic Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho lovingly called by football fans?

12. Which team is making its debut this year?

13. What enviable record do Brazil’s Mario Zagallo and Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer share?

14. Which African teams at this year’s competition have the nicknames ‘The Indomitable Lions’ and ‘Les Elephants’?

15. What will best player of the final competition, chosen on the basis of a vote, get?

1. Fuleco is a Brazilian three-banded armadillo; 2. Italy and Germany (including West Germany); 3. FIFA said players could not compete barefoot. There have been theories that India did not take part because of issues at home also; 4. He designed the lovely 36-centimetre tall FIFA WorldCup trophy; 5. Diego Maradona’s contentious goal in the match against England in 1986; 6. ‘All In One Rhythm’ (‘Juntos num so ritmo’) in Portuguese; 7. $35 million; 8. Goal-line technology; 9. Brazuca. They are the names of the official match ball made by Adidas; 10. Ronaldo; 11. The Maracana; 12. Bosnia and Herzegovina; 13. They are the only two to have won the trophy both as a player and coach; 14. Cameroon and Ivory Coast; 15. Golden Ball.

Credits: The Hindu Young World Quiz

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