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Solved Questions of General Awareness Section from PA/SA Exam 2014 held in Kerala

Solved Questions of General Awareness Section from PA/SA Exam 2014 held in Kerala

1) Uber Cup and Thomas Cup are associated with:
(A) Chess      (B) Cricket    (C) Badminton  (D) Table Tennis Ans. (C) Badminton

2) The headquarter of International Olympic Committee is situated at:
(A) Lusanne, Switzerland   (B) Geneva, Switzerland
(C) Zurich, Switzerland    (D) None of the above   Ans. (A) Lusanne, Switzerland

3) "Lona" word is related to:
(A) Atya-Patya    (B) Kho-Kho     (C) Wrestling     (D) Kabaddi    Ans. (D) Kabaddi

4) Nitrogen is available for plants in the form of:
(A) Nitrogen Gas    (B) Nitrogen Dioxide  (C) Nitrate    (D) Nitric Acid  Ans. (C) Nitrate

5) One star is going away from the Earth. Then the observer on the Earth will expereience:
(A) Decrease in wave length    (B) Increase in wave length
(C) No Change in wave length   (D) None of these Ans. (B) Increase in wave  (By Doppler Shift)

6) Natural Rubber is a polymer of the following unsaturated hydrocarbon:
(A) Choloprene    (B) Neoprene    (C) Isoprene  ((D) None of these  Ans. (C) Isoprene

7) Acid Rain destroys vegetation because it contains:
(A) Ozone  (B) Sulphuric Acid  (C) Nitric Acid  (D) Carbon Monoxide  Ans. (B) Sulphuric Acid

8) To provide opportunites for education to the child or as the case may be, ward between the age of six and fourteen years is a:
(A) Fundamental Right under Indian Constitution
(B) Fundamental Duty under Indian Constitution
(C) Directive Principles of state Policy Under Indian Constitution
(D) Legal Right under Indian Constitution

9) Dilwara Temple is at:
(A) Khajuraho   (B) Mout Abu (C) Bhubneshwar  (C) Ellora  Ans. (B) Mout Abu (In Rajasthan)

10) The present Governor of the state of Kerala is?
(A) Mrs. Shiela Dixit  (B) Mr. Nikhil Kumar  (C) Mr. Hansraj Bardwarj   (D) None of these

11) Who was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize 2013 by the Government of India:
(A) Chandi Prasad Bhatt     (B) Medea Benjamin  (C) Desmond tutu   (D) Amy Goodman

  12) Who became the 2014 Hockey India League Champion?
(A) Punjab Warriors       (B) Ranchi Rhinos  (C) Delhi Wave Riders    (D) Uttar Pradesh Wizards

13) Identify the state with unicameral legislature:
(A) Maharashtra    (B) Uttar Pradesh    (C) Rajasthan   (D) Karnataka   Ans. (C) Rajasthan

14) Find the incorrect statement with respect to duration of houses of parliament:
(A) The council of states shall not be subject to dissolution
(B) As nearly as possible 1/3 of memebers of council of states shall retire as soon as may be on the expiration of every second year
(C) While the proclamation of emergency is in operation for maximum period allowed under the constitution of India and has ceased to operate, the period of House of the people may be extended for a period of one year and not beyond.
(D) The House of the people unless sooner dissolved, shall continue for five years from the appointment for its first meeting
Note: Lok Sabha, unless sooner dissolved, continues for five years from the date appointed for its first meeting and the expiration of the period of five years operates as dissolution of the House.  However, while a Proclamation of Emergency is in operation, this period may be extended by Parliament by law for a period not exceeding one year at a time and not extending, in any case, beyond a period of six months after the proclamation has ceased to operate.

15) Highly polluted water could have a BOD value of:
(A) 17 ppm or more              (B) Less than 5 ppm
(C) (B) Less than 4 ppm     (D) (B) Less than 3 ppm     Ans. (A) 17 ppm or more

16) Who shall be the ex-officio chairman of the council of states:
(A) The President of India         (B) The Vice President of India
(C) The Council of states shall choose a member of the council to act as chairman
(D) The Speaker of the House of People       Ans. (B) The Vice President of India

17) In the third battle mof Panipat Marathas were defeated by:
(A) Mughals  (B) Rohillas   (C) Britishers   (D) Afghans   Ans. (D) Afghans

18) Output at break even point is that output at which producer is able to:
(A) Recover only operating cost  (B) Earn a normal profit
(C) Wipe out earlier losses   (D) Recover total costs   Ans. (D) Recover total costs

19) Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in South India:
(A) Ana Mudi  (B) Doda Beta   (C) Mahendragiri   (D) Dhugarh  Ans. (A) Ana Mudi

20) Which one of the following is a Rabi crop?
(a) Jowar (B) Groundnut  (C) Mustard  (D) Bajra  Ans. (C) Mustard

21) Which of the following state is termed as "God' sown country"?
(A) Kerala    (B) Andhra Pradesh    (C) Karnataka     (D) Tamil Nadu   Ans. (A) Kerala

22) Who among the following is the chief Election Commissioner?
(A) V.S Sampath  (B) H.S Brahma  (C) Nasim Zaidi  (D) None of these   Ans. (A) V.S Sampath

23) The bill to carve out Telengana received the assent of the President of India on:
(A) March 1, 2014    (B) March 31, 2014   (C) February 28, 2014  (D) None of the above is correct

24) Which soil is more suitable for crops like cashew nut?
(A) Red Laterite soil    (B) Black Soil    (C) Alluvial Soil    (D) Arid Soil  Ans. (A) Red Laterite soil

25) Which one of the following is most likely to occur if the Reserve Bank of India lowers the Cash Reserve Ratio?
(A) An Increase in aggregate Savings      (B) A rise in Budget Deficit
(C) A rise in aggregate money supply     (D) A rise in use of credit cards

Ans. (C) A rise in aggregate money supply

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